The Brown behind the blog


My name is Eleanor Brown, Ellie, I tend to save the extra syllables for formal occasions only, or for asserting my authority, I’d like to keep things candid here, so let’s go for Ellie. I’m a third year (…or is it technically fourth?) Social Anthropology Student. I rather fell into the subject, after claiming I wouldn’t be pushed into a degree, my mother found anthropology on my behalf and I went along with the application process to appease her. Upon arrival at Kent like most, I had little ideas as to what anthropology even entailed. But as Mike Poltorak once described it, it’s been like an arranged marriage which went well and I’ve fallen in love with the subject. After a, let’s say challenging year abroad in Finland, I came back ready to embrace again the subject I had grown an even stronger appreciation for, through my personal experiences of living away, both in immersing myself in a new culture, and through a lack of anthropological study while i was there, distance really does make the heart grow fonder.